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Updated February 2024

QuantityRailcar DescriptionBuild Year
5Boxcar, 50ft, Insulated
25Boxcar, 60ft, 263K GRL, 12ft Sliding Door1979
20Boxcar, 72ft, 286K GRL, Plate F, 10ft Plug Door, Insulated, Refrigerated2000
2Flatcar, 89ft, 263K GRL1975-76
10+Flatcar, 89ft, 263K GRL1973
4Flatcar, FD, 8-axle1974
2Flatcar, Well, 263K GRL (can re-reg as 315K)1976
50Flatcar, Intermodal, 40×51986-91
30Flatcar, Intermodal, 40×51991
100Flatcar, Centerbeam, 73ft, 286K GRL, Riser-less
100+Gondola, 2480CF, 286K GRL, steel, aggregate2023
50Gondola, 3564CF, 286K GRL, 66ft, steel, 6′ sides2022
50Gondola, 52ft, 2500CF, 100T1979/80
50Gondola, 52ft, 2500CF, 100T1974
25Gondola, 52ft, 4000CF, 286K GRL, Flat Bottom2018
50Gondola, 4465CF, 286K GRL, 8′ Sides, Flat Bottom2023
100+Gondola, 4520CF, 286K GRL, Aluminum Twin Tub2006
250+Gondola, 4520CF, 286K GRL, Aluminum Twin Tub2007
11Gondola, 7000CF, 263K GRL, flat bottom, steel1979
50Gondola, 7000CF, 286K GRL, flat bottom, steel2023
100Hopper CO, 3250CF, 286K GRL2015
200Hopper CO, 3250CF, 286K GRL2015
50+Hopper CO, 3250CF, 286K GRL2014
200+Hopper CO, 3250-3281CF, 286K GRL, round hatches, gravity gates2011-13
200+Hopper CO, 3258-3281CF, 286K GRL, round hatches, gravity gates2009-11
500+Hopper CO, 3258-3281CF, 286K GRL, round hatches, gravity gates2013-17
100Hopper CO, 3281CF, 286K GRL, vibrator brackets, no linings2005-12
100Hopper CO, 3281CF, 286K GRL2012-15
20Hopper CO, 5200CF, 286K GRL, trough hatches, gravity gates2023
200Hopper CO, 5450CF, 286K GRL, trough hatches, gravity gates2024
75+Hopper OT, 1490CF, 263K GRL, “ore jennie”1997
100Hopper OT, 2430CF, 286K GRL, pnuematic independent doors, agg2024
50Hopper OT, 3000CF, 263K GRL, alum, RD1993
100Hopper OT, 3791-4000CF, 263K GRL, Alum RD1991/92
25+Hopper PD, 3230CF, 286K GRL2007/18
200Hopper PP, 5820CF, 263K GRL, round hatches1990-95
15Hopper PP, 5820CF, 263K GRL, round hatches1987-97
99Tankcar, CPC-1232, 31.8Kgal, 286K, NCNI, lined?2014
500+Tankcar, CPC-1232, 31.8Kgal, 286K, NCNI2014
100+Tankcar, CPC-1232, 31.8Kgal, 286K, NCNI2014
100Tankcar, CPC-1232, 31.8Kgal, 286K, NCNI2014
25Tankcar, DOT-111A, 30Kgal, 263K, NCNI2012
15Tankcar, DOT-117R, 25.5Kgal, 286K, C&I
100+Tankcar, DOT-117J, 25.6Kgal, EC&I, lined2019
200Tankcar, DOT-117J, 28.4Kgal, 286K, lined Novaguard 8902014/15
25Tankcar, DOT-117J, 30Kgal, 286K2015
QuantityLocomotive DescriptionBuild Year
1SW900, 8-567C, D15
1SW900, 8-567C, D15, alignment controlled couplers, 2″ wheels
3SW1200, 12-567C
1SW1200, 12-567C w/645 pack, D25C, 10KW, 26L, D77
3SW1500, 12-645E, D32P, 80V, 26L, D77, alignment control, ditch lights
1SW1500, 12-645E, D15C, 18KW, 24RL, D77B, 2″+ wheels, non-alignment couplers1967
1MP15DC, 12-645E, D32U, 26L, D771982
3MK1500D, Cat-3512A, D78B1996
1GP9, 16-567
2GP9, 16-567
1GP9, 16-567C, 12D, D57, 24L, alignment control, ditch lights f/r, 1.5″ wheels
1GP10, 16-567CE, D12, 18KW, D77, fat wheels 2″ flange, 26, alignment, ditch lights, QES traction system1956
8GP15, 12-645, D14, 24RL, D77, alignment control, ditch lights f/r, exane wire1970-80’s
1GP38AC, straight 38,
1GP38-2, 16-645E, AR10, D77, 26L
1GP38-2, 16-645E, AR10, D77, 26L
3GP40-2, 16-645-E3B, AR10, 26L, D77/78, blue carded1984
3SD40-2, 16-645E3, D77, dynamic braking, 26L brakes1977
1SD40-2, 16-645E3B, D77, dynamic braking, 26L brakes, 2″ wheels
2SD40 mother-slug
8SD70M-2, 16-710G3B, AR20AB, GM D100, 26L2006?
4SD70M, 16-710-G3B, D90, 30CDW brakes, AC, cameras2001
10SD70M, 16-710-G3B-T1+, D90, 30CDW brakes2002
1SD70MAC, 16-710G3B, D90, AR20/CA7, dynamic brakes2000
1SD9043MAC, 16-710G1999
3B23-7, FDL-12, 752AH, 26L1978
1B23-7, FDL-12, 752AH, 26L1978
2B36-7, 7FDL16, 752AF, 26L1985
4P40DC, 7FDL16, 752AH1993-95
2GE 80 Ton
1Trackmobile, TM4150,
1Shuttlewagon, SWX210, Cummins, remote control2016
1Rail King 285, SS4200, 44,500Lbs traction, Cummins, Tier 3,2001